Fire Protection Contractors Insurance

Specialized coverage tailored for fire protection contractors’ unique needs.

Bar and Restaurant Insurance
Bar & Restaurant insurance

Protecting your hospitality business with comprehensive and tailored insurance.

Golf Course
Golf Course Insurance

Safeguarding golf courses with specialized insurance solutions for peace of mind.

Michigan Cannabis Insurance
Michigan Cannabis Insurance

Tailored coverage for the evolving needs of Michigan’s cannabis industry.

Wine Distillery and Brewery
Winery, Distillery, & Brewery Insurance

Crafted insurance solutions to protect your beverage manufacturing business.

Construction Insurance
Construction Insurance Program

Comprehensive coverage for the construction industry’s unique risks and challenges.

Commercial Trucking
Commercial Trucking Insurance

Specialized insurance to keep your commercial trucking operations moving safely.

Commercial Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning

Protecting your cleaning business with tailored insurance coverage.


Specialized insurance solutions to safeguard manufacturing businesses.

Other Specialty Programs

Customized insurance programs designed to meet specialized industry needs.